February, 2019, Aerokit received an expertise completion certificate of providing services to aviation suppliers. According to this fact, company meet all the requirements of aviation and technical products supply. The certification confirms compliance to general requirements of aviation technical products supplier quality system.


June, 2018, JSC AEROSMART SYSTEMS joined the Airport civil aviation Association. The Association activities include range of services, such as world experience analysis, absorbing and integrating into the airport complex activities


March 2018, JSC AEROSMART SYSTEMS put into operation reconstruction and repair workshop for aircrafts, cabin interior, special transport and ground handling transport. This new space allows JSC AEROSMART SYSTEMS to enhance its production ranges in the field of maintenance and repair.


JSC AEROSMART SYSTEMS company has developed its own airdrome gas-machine which got a certificate of compliance with requirements of GOST-R.


In September, 2018 D-ICE bought four additional sweepers - Faun TerraJet 9. The number of sweepers currently in the company totals 10 pieces. This improves the quality of waste collection and accelerates the processing of anti-icing fluid. One of the activities of D-ICE is an environmental audit of waste management activities. The company is aware of its responsibility to the environment and is doing everything possible to reduce its impact on the environment. The increase in the number of sweepers reduces the risk of the harmful effects on the environment.


D-ICE purchased four towing vehicles and five trailers. This marked the beginning of the activity of the freight forwarders complex. The basis of the organization includes the execution of documents for the cargo, storage and warehousing of the transported goods, cargo tracking, resolution of unforeseen situations. The purchase of additional vehicles allows you to increase the volume of freight, including bulk and liquid. As a result, the company receives a reduction in the cost of recycling fluid and diversification of activities.


D-ICE has been a lead supplier of the de-icing fluid to Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation for second consecutive year.


JSC “DE-ICE” company has organized transit storage at Vnukovo airport. This has improved the de-icing fluid waste collection quality and systematic from the airfield. The company has an opportunity to begin recycling in more ecological and faster way due to the new transit storage and the mono ethylene glycol high content in the de-icing fluid waste

International Air Transport Association (IATA) has given another ISAGO certificate to UTG aviation services


UTG aviation services has completed a regular ISAGO audit that will be valid until 2021.

После завершения планового аудита, компания UTG вновь показала высокий уровень организации безопасности хэндлинга в аэропорту Внуково.

ISAGO is an audit program for ground-handling companies serving airlines at airports.
ISAGO registration is IATA program that is modeled after the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA), which assesses Ground service provider operational management and control systems. ISAGO is built around a set of harmonized internationally recognized standards and accepted system for assessing the operational management and control systems of the Ground Service Provider.

ISAGO offers benefits to airlines, ground handlers, regulatory as well as airport authorities. Among them, safer ground operations, fewer accidents and injuries, elimination of redundant audits, reduced costs, less damage and fewer audits, a uniform audit process and harmonized standards, improved safety oversight, harmonized auditor training and qualifications, improved quality standards, enhanced understanding of high-risk areas within ground operations.

После проведения аудита, компания UTG aviation services получила комплексный анализ и оценку по основным параметрам стандарта ISAGO: организация и управление; контроль загрузки; обслуживание пассажиров и обработка багажа; наземное обслуживание воздушных судов; наземное движение воздушных судов.

Получив регистрацию по ISAGO, компания UTG уже который год доказывает безопасность и надежность обеспечения наземного обслуживания полного спектра услуг в аэропорту Внуково. Повторная аудиторская проверка планируется уже в 2021 году.

UTG company began to collaborate with Ethiopian Airlines at Domodedovo airport.


UTG aviation services has started collaboration with Ethiopian Airlines on the territory of Domodedovo International Airport. We provide the airline with representation and ticket sales services. The carrier operates three weekly flights from Moscow to Addis-Ababa (Bole airport) on a Boeing 787-800 aircraft.

Ethiopian Airlines was founded in 1945 and now this airline makes passengers and cargo traffic to more than 125 cities worldwide.

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